The Kathakali demonstration series (aswadana kalari) inaugurated by Moozhikulam Kochukutta Chakyar was the first stepping stone towards Natyadharmi. Natyadharmi Parakkadavu was officially inaugurated on 2009 January 18th by Sri Sankara Sanskrit University Vice Chancellor Dr.J.Prasad. Since its inception, Natyadharmi have organized many diverse programmes of classical, traditional and folk genres and has carved out a space for itself by now in the art and cultural scene.

The Kerala Kalamandalam’s Noorarangu, the first programme under the banner of Natyadharmi was a day-long demonstration of the subtleties of Kathakali, headed by Kalamandalam Balasubrahmanyan culminating in a performance of ‘Utharaswayamvaram.’

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